Starting at 8 pm will be the comedy block featuring Tasteless (Jeff Cerulli) and Masters (Mark Ward).

At 10:15 pm in the Adult Animation block will be:
• Quintessence (Cem Göksoy)
• Samsa (Brian O'Malley)
• Seen Again (Peter Murphey)
• Fun More (Wally Chung)
• Meeting McGuffin (Catya Plate)
• Bad Bad Rabbit (Sam Damask)
• Venus in Aquarius Chapter II: Ana (Laura Castillo )
• Medium Rare (Luca Cioci)
• The Empty Woods (John Barnard)
• We are in a Dream (Henna Välkky)
All of the adult animations are short films.

The Big Muddy Film Festival celebrates the innovative works of emerging and established filmmakers and media artists. Each year, the festival serves to showcase more and more stories to reflect these themes and more from independent voices all over the world.